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The University of Maryland Eastern Shore was founded in 1886 by Methodist Episcopal Church elders as a private school on 16 acres in Princess Anne.

Today, we balance our heritage as a historically black, public research institution that has grown into a 1,100-acre campus with our mission to serve a diverse student body representing nearly three dozen nations. UMES offers undergraduate degrees in 38 disciplines and another 16 distinctive graduate programs. We provide today’s college student ample opportunity to develop into a well-rounded individual capable of assuming leadership in society.

UMES is poised and ready to do its part preparing future generations of scholars for the challenges that lie ahead in the 21st century.

Future Students

Current Students


Academic Programs


Graduate and Professional

Programs offered at The Universities at Shady Grove

Programs offered at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Programs offered at the University System of Maryland Hagerstown

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Campus Life

Get involved! With over 60 student organizations including clubs, service organizations, experiential learning opportunities, intramural sports teams and Greek organizations, you will find a place where friends share similar interests, ambitions and goals.

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