Bachelor of Arts in History


The History major offers students a detailed study of world civilizations with an emphasis on issues impacting our contemporary world.  Students will develop critical skills needed to assess both primary and secondary sources to better understand the past.

Departmental Requirements

The major must complete 120 semester hours of University courses.  Included in the 120 semester hours are a minimum of 36 hours of courses in history.   In addition, 18 semester hours of the history major must be in 300 or 400 level history courses.  A minimum grade of “C” must be achieved in these courses.The student must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA and 2.75 in the History courses.Majors will also master research skills necessary to develop an historical argument or thesis.  Students must complete 12 credit hours in a foreign language.  Effective written communication is a significant emphasis. 

Link for History Curriculum Guide  

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