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The Dual Degree Program in Sociology (UMES) and Social Work (SU) has as its objective to prepare graduates for entry level professional social work positions, state social work licensure, and graduate education in social work.  The program is made possible through the shared resources of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and Salisbury University (SU). UMES students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) from SU and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from UMES.  The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education through SU.

Departmental Requirements

The program can be completed in 120 credit hours.  Included in the 120 semester hours are a minimum of 212 hours of required sociology courses and 15 hours of sociology3 electives.  A minimum grade of “C” must be achieved in these courses by the fall of the Junior Year.  The student must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA, a 2.5 in the sociology courses and a 2.7 in social work courses.    Majors must be in their second semester and have junior standing and have completed 72 hours or, if graduating at the end of the fall semester, 57 hours. Students should have completed the following courses:

BIOL 101      BIOL 103   SOCI 101         SOWK 200        SOWK 300
PSYC 200     SOWK 310

Students should either have completed or be enrolled in these courses:

SOCI 221    SOWK 302   SOWK 320

Admission Procedures

To become a Social Work major is actually a two step process.  The first step occurs at the University level where a student may indicate “social work” as a desired major at the time of admission to the University as part of the admissions process, or by completing a “Change of Major” form and filing the form with the Office of the Registrar some time after the initial admission and registration. 

The second step occurs at the Department level during the Fall Semester of the Junior year.  All students are required to complete an Application to Major in Social Work which is reviewed by the Social Work Department Admission Committee. 

Required Major Courses

MATH 109        PSYC 200     SOCI 101     SOCI 431   SOCI 221     SOCI Electives
SOCI 222          SOCI SCI      SOCI 231    SOCI 232

1Student must complete 15 hours in SOCI Electives. 
Student must complete six (6) hours in the Social Sciences.

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