Political Science Minor Program

Even though a minor program in Political Science is presently offered, students are strongly advised to consider the Public Policy minor instead because not all of the courses listed below are taught on a regular basis. 

The minor program is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • To promote informed understanding of contemporary public affairs.
  • To explore analytical and conceptual tools necessary to understand political events, institutions, behavior, and change processes.
  • To augment other areas of Social Science study.
  • To provide preparation for law school, graduate school, and government service.

The program consists of eighteen credit hours in Political Science courses approved by a faculty advisor in Political Science.

Political Science

Required Courses for the Political Science Minor

II. Minor Core Requirements

Course No. Title Credits
 POLI 200 Introduction to American Government  3
 POLI 220  Introduction to Political Behavior  3
 POLI 311 Comparative Political Science or      
 POLI 312 International Relations  3
 POLI 342 Urban Politics Political Science Electives  9
 Total  18

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