Transfer Credit Services


Transfer of General Education

Students transferring from Maryland institutions of higher education who have completed the General Education requirements at the sending institution shall have met the general education requirements at UMES. In cases where the general education requirements at UMES exceed those of the sending institution, the transfer student will be required to take no more than the same number of general education credits required of the native student. The additional courses will be according to the distribution requirements of UMES.

A maximum of seventy (70) credits will be accepted from an accredited two-year community or junior college. UMES does not limit the number of credits transferable for work completed at four-year colleges. However, to graduate, a student must complete the last 30 semester hours at UMES.

Maryland Community College Articulated Programs

An articulated transfer program is a list of community college courses that best prepare the applicant for a particular course of study at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. If the applicant takes appropriate courses that are specified in the articulated program guide and earns an acceptable grade, he/she is guaranteed transfer with no loss of credit. Articulated career program guides help students plan their new programs after changing career objectives. The guides are available at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and in the transfer advisor’s office at each of the community colleges. Applicants can eliminate all doubt concerning transfer of courses by following programs outlined in the guide.

Credit from Other Universities and Colleges

In most cases credit will transfer from institutions of higher education accredited by a regional accrediting association (e.g., Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools; New England Association of Schools and Colleges; North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges; Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; Western Association of Schools and Colleges), provided that the course is completed with at least a grade of C and the course is similar in content and level to work offered at UMES. The applicability of these courses to the course of study at UMES will be determined by an academic advisor/evaluator in the office of the appropriate department.

List of Acceptable Agencies to review Foreign Transcripts

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