Use the links below to access information about research centers and research projects at UMES. Much of the research at UMES affords students the opportunity to become involved in the projects and the research process. Many programs cater specifically to student involvement in research. The following list is just a sampling of the research endeavors at UMES. Please SCROLL to see more projects.

Agricultural Experiment Station
The site highlights more than twelve research projects on sustainable agriculture, human health and safety, and food science. 

Off-Shore Fisheries Research for Students
LMRCSC, in collaboration with NOAA, offers students the opportunity to participate in offshore fisheries research. 

University Floral Trial Garden
The trial garden was developed to provide information and services to enhance the profitability of the lower shore region’s green industry. 

Student Research in Physical Therapy
With well-equipped laboratories and relationships with local physical therapy clinics, students have presented their research findings at local, state, and national conferences.  

Seafood Technology Research
The project is a collaboration to help National Seafood HACCP Alliance develop a Sanitation Control Procedures training program, which certifies educators to conduct SCP training.

Protective Clothing for Pesticide Applicators
Research on protective clothing for pesticide applicators at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is part of the NC-170 Multi-state project. 

Nutrient Management for Soils
The initiative supports sustainable agriculture that maintains agronomic productivity while protecting the Chesapeake Bay.

Food Safety: Seafood Processing
Research and extension efforts combine to ensure the safety and quality of seafood that is available for sale to consumers.

Control of Ammonia in Poultry Litter
The project addresses the reduction of buildup of ammonia in the atmosphere of chicken houses that can have a negative impact on both farm workers and birds.    

Coastal Ecology Teaching and Research Laboratory The center serves as a research and teaching facility in addition to an educational and interpretive center for public outreach. 

Water Quality and Nutrient Management
The project identifies processes affecting nutrient transport in ditches and evaluates alternative practices to minimize trace elements through soils. 

Precision Agriculture
The project aims to develop cost-effective remote sensing capabilities to improve farming practices and provide services to local farmers as they adopt this technologically-intensive farming practice

Food Safety: Poultry and Oysters
Projects primarily examine pathogens associated with poultry and seafood; one project characterizes antibiotic-resistant Salmonella spp. isolated from chicken carcasses from a poultry plant.

Sustainable Agriculture – Crop Science
The research priority is environmental stewardship, encompassing nutrient management, biological control of undesirable microbes, crop improvement, and seed nutritional quality.

Product Development: Sea Vegetables
The project aims to research and provide education through increased public awareness of the benefits of consumption of nutrient-rich sea vegetables and promotion of sea vegetable farming.

Alternative and Small Scale Agriculture
This site highlights research and extension outreach for evaluation and development of alternative agriculture technologies and marketing strategies that help maintain small family farm operations. 

Undergraduate Research in Human Ecology
Research projects reflect students’ individual research interests in child/human development, nutrition/dietetics, gerontology, family studies, or fashion/retailing.

Research in Construction Management Technology
The page shares details about the Princess Anne Athletic Center project and Compressed Earth Building Blocks For Affordable Housing as well as others. 

UMES Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Research (MOWER) 14-10 Project
The Project will focus on health monitoring of Offshore Wind Turbines with emphasis on cost reduction of Operations and Maintenance activities.

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