Office of Student Engagement

We are not just about fun and games…
We build bridges, citizens, and train leaders!

The Office of Student Experience provides many opportunities including student leadership, clubs and organizations, community service, commuter affairs, Intramural Sports and Recreation as well as many cultural and social student events. Your college years not only prepare you academically, but social as well.

There are many benefits to joining a student organization.  Some of those benefits include making new friends, developing leadership skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, sharing your time and talents, as well as having fun!  As you begin to take advantage of the opportunities available to you at UMES, you will discover that the more involved you are, the better you will benefit from your college experience.

We welcome you to become a student leader and get involved in campus life because it will greatly enhance your college experience.  There is always something to do at UMES.  Come visit the Office of Student Experience in the Student Services Center and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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