Student Consumer Information

Welcome to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s student consumer information page. This page was created to provide easy access to the information you need to be an informed consumer of a UMES education.

The US Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, requires all institutions of higher education, who receive federal student financial assistance, to make student consumer information available to all enrolled and prospective students. This page acts as a central resource for information that can be found in other UMES web sites, brochures and publications. 

Subject to Change: Because of the nature of federal, state and institutional guidelines affecting financial aid programs, the information contained on this website is subject to change.

Voter Registration

State of Maryland Board of Elections

National Mail Voter Registration Form

Financial Aid information

The Office of Student Financial Aid website contains a wealth of information on what types of aid are available, counseling on student borrowing, information on preferred lenders, student loan information from the U. S. Department of Education, and the cost of attendance at the University, including student budgets. Specific topics are linked below. 


UMES Eligibility Requirements

Policies and Procedures


Cost of Attendance

Net Price Calculator

Schedule of Fees

Financial Assistance




Student Employment

Student Internship opportunities

Financial Aid Disbursement Procedures

Disbursement of financial Aid

Code of Conduct Policy

UMES Code of Conduct

Sexual Misconduct

UMES Health Services Information

Important Immunization Information

H1N1 Flu virus Information

Privacy of student records (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act—FERPA)

FERPA Information

Students Rights

Parents Rights

Drug and Alcohol prevention

Alcohol and Drug abuse Policy

Public Safety Information

Emergency Instructions

Emergency Resources Guide

Crisis Response Plan

Anonymous online crime reporting

Sexual Harassment Policies

Annual Security Report

Reported Crimes and incident Logs

Princess Anne Crime Stats (refer to page 46)

Missing Persons Reporting

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