Understanding your Cost of Attendance

The UMES Office of Student Financial Aid (UMES OSFA) establishes a standard estimated Cost Of Attendance (COA) which is used to determine your financial need. While actual expenses of individual students will vary based on personal lifestyle choices and other variable costs encountered, the estimated cost should assist you in planning your budget.

The estimated cost of attendance includes both costs that are billed directly by the University Bursar (Student Accounts) Office (direct cost) and other average expenses, including books and supplies, personal/miscellaneous, and transportation (indirect cost). The direct cost that will appear on your University Bill are tuition and fees and on-campus housing and meals.  

Billed by the University Bursar (Student Account) Office

Tuition & Mandatory Fees

  • Tuition is the amount you are charged for the courses in which you enroll. Mandatory fees are charged for services available to all students. The amounts will vary depending on your college, year in school and/or enrollment hours. The tuition and fees are billed directly to you by the University Bursar (Student Account) Office and appear on your University Bill.  The complete listing of tuition and fee amounts is available from the University Bursar (Student Account) Office’s Tuition and Fee Tables.
  • The tuition amount listed on your award notification is based on either resident or nonresident status. The UMES Office of Admission and Recruitment decides whether you pay In-State, Eastern Shore, or Out-of-State tuition by determining why you are in the state of Maryland. Resident classification information and answers to commonly asked questions are available on the Office of Admissions and Recruitments website.  If you have questions about residency, contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  • If you are changing enrollment hours or residency status, notify our office via  email at financialaid@umes.edu. When you email, be sure to include your full name and UMES ID number.  UMES OSFA will review the updated information and notify you by email of any changes in your financial aid.

On-Campus Housing and Food

  • This is an estimated amount that you will pay if you live on campus in a residence hall. This estimated amount is used for all students living in the residence halls and standard meal plan. Your actual contracted amounts could be different from this estimated amount.  View the Food and Housing rates on the University Bursar (Student Accounts) web site.
  • You will be billed by the University Bursar (Student Account) Office for your actual on campus housing and food contracted amount. Not Billed by the University Bursar (Student Account) Office . These “indirect cost” expenses are paid by the student as they are incurred.  They are the most variable expenses since they reflect personal spending habits and offer the most options for frugal spending.  If you receive a financial aid refund (any financial aid in excess of what is billed by the University Bursar Office), it should be used to pay these expenses.

Off-Campus Housing and Food

The amount listed for housing is an average based on a survey of various rental units in the Maryland Eastern Shore area.  The food cost is based on the USDA Cost of Food at Home average determined by the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.  UMES OSFA uses a standard amount when determining the cost of attendance for all students living off-campus.  Your actual off-campus housing and meal costs may be different.

Books, Course Material, Supplies and Equipment

This is an estimated amount for books and supplies for a full-time student. The amount you pay for books and supplies will vary depending on the courses that you are taking and where you purchase your books. The  OSFA does an annual review of book and supply costs by taking a sample of currently enrolled students and reviewing what they spend on books and supplies. Undergraduate students are billed directly for books using the Barnes and Noble HAWKPACK program. 

Personal Expenses

This is an estimated amount that, on average, students may spend on items which include, but are not limited to, clothing, personal hygiene, and entertainment.

Average Fees for Federal Student Loans

The average fee for Direct Loans or loans under any other Federal Student Loan Program, the COA includes fees required to receive the loans (for example, the loan fee for a Direct Loan). Fees for non-federal student loans may not be included. UMES factors in the average of fees charged to borrowers. Loan fees for the Direct Parent Plus and Graduate PLUS loan  will be added to the COA as parents and students are approved by the Department of Education.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

View the amounts used for the components in the estimated cost of attendance:

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