English Program

Degree in English


In addition to the completion of the 41 credits in General Education required of all UMES graduates regardless of major, all English Bachelor of Arts candidates are expected to complete 79 credit hours from a common body of academic coursework. The 79 credit hours must consist of 33 credit hours selected from the program core requirements, 18 credit hours of English electives (300 level or above), 6 credit hours in a single foreign language, and 22 credit hours of free electives.


Because of literature’s emphasis on human values and human interaction, graduates are prepared to work in a variety of occupations including journalism, publicity, personnel, research, sales, teaching and training. Students with backgrounds in liberal studies are potential candidates for executive and management positions. Undergraduate English majors often elect to enter graduate school in library science, law, medicine, business, and international affairs, as well as English and communications. An English major has much to offer that is essential to our society and has a wide, rather than narrow, choice of career opportunities. 


ENGL 204-215 Students must select two courses from within this numerical range; each of these introductory courses focuses on a specific content area, including fiction, drama, poetry, creative writing, telecommunications, and film.

ENGL 218  Approaches to Grammar

ENGL 219 or ENGL 220 American Literature I or II

ENGL 223 or ENGL 224 English Literature I or II 

ENGL 327 – African American Literature

ENGL 226 or ENGL 227 World Literature I or II

ENGL 330 – Advanced Public Speaking 

ENGL 346 or ENGL 380 History of the English Language or Introduction to Language Science

ENGL 401- Modern Drama

ENGL 412 or ENGL 413 Commonwealth Literature or Novel East and West

In addition to the 33 credit hours of required major courses, English majors must complete a four-semester sequence in French or Spanish language instruction; 12 credits in English electives selected from a broad range of literature, communication, and theater arts courses; and 22 free electives which enables students to select additional coursework from other academic departments to support their individual career goals.

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