Scholarly and Professional Associations

Below is a wide-ranging list of scholarly and professional organizations that English majors may be interested in learning more about. Some of the groups offer student memberships; others sponsor internships and/or scholarships. All provide networking opportunities for professionals who utilize writing and public speaking in their careers.

Many of the department’s faculty are members of these organizations. You’ll note their names listed next to the appropriate group. Click on the faculty member’s name for their complete contact information. They can provide additional information about the benefits of becoming involved in these associations. If an organization interests you, but no specific faculty member is listed, please seek additional information from your academic advisor or the department chair.

Alliance for Computers and Writing  ( Dr. Terry Smith Kundell)
American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese  ( Dr. Carole Champagne)
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages  ( Dr. Carole Champagne)
American Men’s Studies Association  ( Dr. Amy Hagenrater-Gooding)
Association of Teachers of Technical Writing  ( Dr. Terry Smith Kundell)
Bienvenidos of BEACON  ( Dr. Carole Champagne)
College English Association  ( Gabriela Vlahovici-JonesDr. Amy Hagenrater-GoodingDr. Terry Smith  ) 
College English Association: Middle Atlantic Group (Dr. Terry Smith KundellGabriela Vlahovici-JonesDr. Amy Hagenrater-Gooding)
College Language Association  (Dr. Terry Smith Kundell) 
International Writing Centers Association  (Dr.Terry Smith Kundell)
Lambda Iota Tau International Literature Honor Society (Dr. Terry Smith Kundell)
Latin American Studies Association  ( Dr. Carole Champagne)
Latin American Studies Center  ( Dr. Carole Champagne)
Maryland Foreign Language Association  (Dr. Carole Champagne)
Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association  (Dr. Terry Smith Kundell)
Modern Language Association Dr. Amy Hagenrater-Gooding)
National Education Association (Dorothy Bell Jackson)
Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society  (Dr. Terry Smith Kundell,  Dr. Amy Hagenrater-Gooding)
Popular Culture Association  ( Dr. Amy Hagenrater-Gooding) 
Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society  ( Dr. Amy Hagenrater-GoodingDr. Terry Smith Kundell )
Society for Technical Communication  ( Dr. Terry Smith Kundell) 
Somerset Education Association (Dorothy Bell Jackson)
Humanities Podcast Network (Dr. Dana Little – contributing member)
The Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic (Dr. Dana Little – contributing member)
Association of Writers and Writing Programs (Dr. Dana Little – HBCU fellow)
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Dr. Dana Little – membership)
NASA eClips (Dr. Dana Little – technical advisory board member)

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