Digital Media Studies Program


The Department of English and Modern Languages is proud to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media Studies.  The program is designed to provide our students with the critical knowledge and skills necessary to get jobs and eventually advance to leadership positions in a complex, multi-screen world. 

Because the industry is in the midst of a complete upheaval of traditional business models, production methods, and distribution platforms, it’s no longer enough to simply be a strong writer, a videographer with an eye for excellent visual composition, or a polished presenter. Our students will be expected to do it all. 

To prepare for anything and everything, digital media majors will be exposed to a wide variety of topics taught by experienced faculty members and supported by a knowledgeable technical staff. Emphasis will be placed on practical, hands-on skills. Students will have the opportunity to shoot and edit video, record podcasts, create animated graphics, produce and host live radio broadcasts, serve as television studio crew, and anchor campus newscasts.

Students will fine-tune their skills in professionally equipped audio and video studios and edit suites using equipment and software recommended by industry experts. Classroom coursework and assignments produced in our studios can be augmented by multiple internships and/or membership in Hawk Media, our student managed media organization.

Our digital media degree is the gateway to the global media marketplace!

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