Chemistry Bachelor of Science

Prepare for graduate school or a productive career in chemistry laboratories with a hands-on Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Chemistry is all around us, from the water we drink and the air we breathe to the devices we use to stay in touch with others. When you earn a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, you’ll immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of the chemical sciences and create a path to your dream career.

Like many curious students, you may be wondering, “What can you do with a Chemistry degree?” The answer is simple: a lot! Whether you want to teach, practice medicine, or perform groundbreaking research, our undergraduate Chemistry degree will expose you to the many career options available to you in the sciences. We offer four unique degree tracks that let you tailor your degree to better stand out on the job market or when applying to advanced education programs. As a Chemistry major at UMES, you’ll work with faculty mentors who have decades of experience teaching, researching, and practicing a variety of specialties in the chemical sciences. You’ll be a member of a thriving community of peers and alumni who hold each other up and collaborate to push the field of chemistry further into the future every day.

Why Choose UMES for Your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry?

Get hands-on experience with your B.S. in Chemistry

Hands-on learning is the heart of our Chemistry degree program. Not only will you take lab courses that let you apply theories in real-world settings, but you’ll also have many opportunities for experiential learning outside the classroom. We offer research assistantships in which you can work with faculty on research projects; internships at local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits; service learning to help those in need within your community; study-abroad opportunities in countries around the world; and fieldwork trips to the many ecosystems throughout Maryland and the East Coast.

Work with cutting-edge equipment

Whether you pursue teaching, research, or medicine, a major part of your career will involve working with specialized equipment. We make sure that you’re prepared with classrooms and labs outfitted with the latest instrumentation typically used in physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental sciences. Additionally, you can work with faculty on projects using equipment such as DNA sequencers, wind tunnels, gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, water tunnels, and computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Tailor your Chemistry degree to your goals

Because the field of chemical sciences is so vast and offers many chemistry careers, we help you narrow down your specialty through four degree tracks:

  • Chemistry (ACS Certification), B.S
  • Chemistry (without ACS Certification), B.S.
  • Chemistry Honors (ACS Certification), Pre-Medicine/Pre-dentistry Track, B.S.
  • Chemistry Education (Teaching), B.S.

The track you choose depends on your interests and career goals. Each Chemistry degree track will help you build a solid fundamental understanding of the trends, research methods, and skills unique to that field.

Earn an accredited B.S. in Chemistry

Our Bachelor of Science in Chemistry has been approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS) since 2003. ACS approval is nationally recognized as a mark of excellence for undergraduate Chemistry programs and allows UMES to certify its undergraduate degrees. The Chemistry Education degree is certified by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). This will show graduate programs and potential employers that your degree meets the highest expectations for excellence in teaching preparation and expertise in chemistry.

Explore Courses in the Chemistry Degree Program

By the time you graduate with your Chemistry degree from UMES, the classes and labs you take—and the expert guidance you receive from our faculty—will help you answer the question, “What can you do with a Chemistry degree?”

Our carefully designed B.S. in Chemistry curriculum is 120 credit hours, broken up into core chemistry courses, supportive classes, and electives to help you customize your degree to your interests. Each degree track contains a different portion of each requirement. The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education contains 42 credits in professional education to prepare you to step into the classroom and lead your own classes.

Some of the courses you can take as a Chemistry major at UMES include:

  • Biochemistry: Study the physical and chemical properties of biomolecules such as nucleotides, amino acids, and lipids to better understand the intersection of the biological and chemical sciences.
  • Microcomputer Applications: Non-Technical Chemistry majors can learn about applications of modern computing systems as they relate to research and data analysis. You may also learn how these systems apply to disciplines such as medicine, accounting, social sciences, and administration.

Educational Psychology: Chemistry majors specializing in education will examine the research and psychological principles of teaching and learning. Topics you may study include theories of learning, memory, creativity, intelligence, and diversity. Your lessons will be supplemented with clinical experiences to apply learning theory to a real educational framework.

Learn more about the different Chemistry degree requirements and courses in the UMES undergraduate catalog.

Succeed with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UMES

When you graduate with your Chemistry degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, you’ll have the experience and expertise to pursue a broad range of graduate programs and careers in the chemical sciences and related fields. Our degree tracks will help you prepare for the specific requirements of each field.

Many of our graduates continue on to graduate and professional programs to study fields like medicine, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, and environmental management.

With a B.S. in Chemistry, you could work in many different professional and academic settings—including universities, government agencies, nonprofits, public or private schools, and private companies.

Some of the common career paths for our Chemistry majors include:

  • Research scientist
  • Chemist
  • Teacher
  • Sales representative
  • Quality control technician

Learn More about Paying for UMES

We strive to maintain an affordable and accessible Chemistry degree program for every student interested in making an impact on the world through chemistry and the sciences. That’s why UMES offers competitive tuition rates and fees, as well as generous financial aid through funds such as the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the United Negro College Fund.

In addition to UMES-wide funding, Chemistry majors may also be eligible for department funding through several programs, including:

  • The Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program
  • The Research Experience and Extension for Undergraduates (REEU) program
  • U.S. Navy-funded undergraduate research
  • The American Chemical Society (ACS) Project SEED (Summer Experiences for the Economically Disadvantaged)
  • The summer program for HS students

Take The Next Step

If you’re ready to dive into the exciting, ever-changing world of the chemical sciences, earn your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and start building the foundation for a rewarding career today.

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