ARD Leadership Profiles

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Officers of the ARD when it was incorporated in the state of South Carolina on May 28, 1979 were:

Dr. Ocleris Simpson of Prairie View A&M University, ARD Chair
Dr. Howard Robinson of North Carolina A&T State University, ARD Vice Chair
Dr. Handy Williamson of Tennessee State University, ARD Secretary/Treasurer

Research Directors
Alabama A&M University 
(Prior to Winfred Thomas, the role of research and extension oversight was taken on by the presidents
William Hooper Councill (University Founder and President)1875-1909
Walter Solomon Buchanan (Second President)1909-1920
Perry C. Parks (Director of Agriculture)1909-1920
Theophilus Robert Parker (Third President)1920-1927
Joseph Fanning Drake (Fourth President)1927-1962
Simon Haley (Director of Agriculture)1932-
Richard David Morrison (Director of Agriculture and then Fifth President)1937-1962, 1962-1984
Winfred A. Thomas (Director of Research)1968-1977
James W. Shuford  (Associate Dean for Research)1977-1994
McArthur Floyd (Associate Dean and Research Director)1994-2007
Zachary N. Senwo (Interim Research Director)2007-2011
Lloyd T. Walker (Interim Dean and Research Director)2011-2013
Lloyd T. Walker Dean and Research Director2013 – present
Alabama  –Tuskegee University Research Directors
George W. Carver (deceased)1896-1942
Austin W. Curtis (deceased)1943-1945
Russell Brown (deceased)1945-1957
Clarence T. Mason (deceased)1958-1961
B.D. Mayberry (deceased)1962-1982
Bobby Phills1882-1985
Ralph Noble (Interim)1985-1986
Walter Hill1986-Present
Tuskegee University Associate Research Directors  
James Allen1983-1985
Conrad Bonsi1987 – Present
Arkansas – University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Research Directors  
R.C. Davis and O.R. Holiday Coordinators of Research1967-1971
S.J. Parker (deceased)1971-1982
Arthur L. Allen1982-1989
Mazo Price1989-1995
Jacquelyn McCray1995-2008
James O. Garner2008-2015
Edmund Buckner (see resume from link below)2015 – present
University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Associate Research Directors
Jacquelyn McCray1989-1995
James O. Garner2001-2008
Edmund R. Buckner2008-2015
Delaware State University Research Directors
U. S. Washington1970-1992
Kenneth Bell1992-2004
Dyremple Marsh2004-Present
Delaware State University Associate Research Directors
John Graham2001-2004
Ambrose Anoruo2005-2010
Marikis Alvarez2010-Present
Florida A&M University Research Directors/Director of Research Activity
Benjamin L. Perry (deceased)1927-1947
C.E. Walker (deceased)1948-1969
Bill Peters (deceased)1970-1983
Sunil Pancholy1983-1997
Bobby Phills1997-2003
Charles Magee (Interim)2003-2006
Samuel Donald (Interim)2006-2008
Makola Abdullah2008-2011
Samuel Donald (Interim)2011-2012
Robert W. Taylor2012-Present
Florida A&M University Associate Research Directors
Sunil Pancholy1997-2009
Moses T. K. Kairo2009-2012
Stephen Leong 
Georgia – Fort Valley State University Research Directors
Cozy Ellison1967-1974
Ronald K. Abe (Acting Director)1974-1975
Ocleris Simpson1975-1977
Melvin E. Walker, Jr.1977-1988
Charles Magee (Interim Director)1988-1990
Melvin E. Walker, Jr.1990-1998
Seyoum Gelaye1998-2003
Fred Harrison 
Mack C. Nelson2004-2007
Mark Latimore (Interim)2008-2010
Govind Kannan (Interim Asst. Dean for Research)2008-2010
Govind Kannan  (Interim Dean/Research Director)2010-2011
Govind Kannan2011-Present
Kentucky State University Research Directors
William J. Fleming, Sr.  – Director of Community Research Service1972-1982
Lionel Williamson  – Research Director1982-1985
Harold R. Benson – Director of Land Grant Programs1976
Harold R. Benson – Research Director1985-2011
Teferi Tsegaye2011 – 2015
Kirk Pomper2015 – present
Kentucky State University Associate Research Directors
Robert J. Barney1988-2010
Kirk W. Pomper – Assoc. Research Director and Director of Ag. Exp. Station2012 – present
Louisiana – Southern University and A&M College 
Maryland – University of Maryland Eastern Shore Research Directors
Joseph Wutoh (deceased) 
C. Dennis Ignasias (deceased)1973-1983
Mortimer H. Neufville1983-1995
Carolyn B. Brooks 1995-2007
Gladys Shelton (Acting)2007-2011
 Jurgen Schwarz (Interim) 2011-2012
Moses Kairo2012-Present
University of Maryland Eastern Shore Associate Research Directors
Arthur L. Allen1996-2014
 Shirley Hymon-Parker1997-2009
Jurgen Schwarz2014-present
Mississippi – Alcorn State University Research Directors
Jessie Morris1969-1980
Johnnie Collins1980-1986
Samuel Donald1986-1993
Leroy Davis1993-2001
Franklin Jackson (V.P. for Institutional Advancement and Interim Research Director)2001-2008
Barry Bequette2009-Present
Ivory Lyles 
Alcorn State University Associate Research Directors
George Bates1992-2004
Alton Johnson (Interim)2009-2012
Wesley Whittaker (Interim)2013 – 2014
Andra Johnson2014 – present
Missouri – Lincoln University Research Directors
Michael Heard1999-2005
Steve Meredith2005 – 2013
Frieda Eivazi (Interim)2013
Yvonne Matthews (Interim)2013 – present
Albert Essel 
Missouri – Lincoln University Associate Research Directors
Marjorie Campbell2001 – 2004
Frieda Eivazi2008 – 2013
John Yang (Interim)2013 – present
North Carolina A&T State University Research Directors
Howard Robinson (deceased)1965-1982
Sidney Evans (deceased)1982-1987
Burleigh Webb1988-1994
Daniel Godfrey1994-2001
Alton Thompson2001-2010
Donald McDowell (Interim)2010-2011
William Randle2011- 2015
Shirley Hymon-Parker (Interim) see resume from link below2015 – present
North Carolina A&T State University Associate Research Directors
Sidney Evans1987-1990
Charles Panton1990-1999
M. Ray McKinnie (Interim)1999-2001
Carolyn Turner2001-2008
 Richard Robbins (interim)2009
 Shirley Hymon-Parker2009-Present
Valerie Giddens (Interim)2015 – present
Oklahoma – Langston University Research Directors
South Carolina State University Research Directors 
Tennessee State University Research Directors
David Hamilton1967-1971
Hazo W. Carter1972-1975
Handy Williamson1975-1985
Roland Norman1985-1987
Troy Wakefield1987-1995
Carter Catlin, Jr. (Interim)1995-1998
Stephen Kolison1998-2008
Chandra Reddy2008-Present
Tennessee State University Associate/Assistant Research Directors
Carter Catlin1979-1984
Cater Catlin, Jr.1992-1995
Carter Catlin, Jr.1998- Present
Texas – Prairie View A&M University Research Directors
Virginia State University Research Directors
Earl A. Allgood (deceased)1969-1972
Maurice Godley (deceased)1972-1980
P.S. Benepal1980-1990
Arthur L. Allen1990-1993
Winfrey S. Clarke1993-2006
Wondi Mersie2006-Present
Virginia State University Associate Research Directors
P.S. Benepal1990-2001
Wondi Mersie2003-2006
West Virginia State University
Orlando McMeans1999- present
ARD Executive Directors
Samuel Donald1993-2006
 Carolyn Brooks2006-present
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