Representatives on Selected State, Regional & National Committees

Association for International Agriculture and Rural

APLU Board on Agricultural Assembly (BAA)
Policy Board of Directors

Board on International Food and Agricultural
Development (BIFAD)

CFERR Executive Committee

CARET Executive Committee

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and
Related Sciences (MANRRS) Advisory Board

Southern Region SARE/ACE Advisory Board

Southern Region SARE/ACE Board of Directors

National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education
And Economics Advisory Board (NAREEE)

APLU BAA Budget and Advocacy Committee

APLU BAA Legislative and Policy Committee

FAEIS Advisory Council

Conrad Bonsi

Mark LatimoreGovind Kannan (Alternate)

Wondi Mersie

Moses Kairo

Orlando McMeans

Orlando McMeans

Andra Johnson

Andra Johnson

Kenrett Jefferson-Moore

Orlando McMeans, Chair
Extension Representative
L. Washington Lyons

Vernon Jones

Alton Thompson
Extension RepresentativeL. Washington Lyons

Alton Thompson

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