Affiliated NIFA Personnel

USDA Secretary of Agriculture:
Tom Vilsack

Katherine Woteki 
Under Secretary of Research, Education, 
and Economics (REE) and Chief Scientist –
 Sonny Ramaswamy, Administrator

NIFA/USDA, Stop 2201
Phone: 202/720-4423
FAX:  202/720-8987

Muquarrab Qureshi, Asst. Director.
Youth, Family, and Community
NIFA/USDA, Stop 2225
Phone: 202/720-2908
FAX:   202/690-2469

Robert Holland, Asst. Director
Food Safety and Nutrition
NIFA /USDA, Stop 2210
Phone: 202/401-5004
FAX:   202/720-7803

Meryl Broussard, Deputy Admin.
Phone: 202/720-4423

Michel Desbois, Deputy Administrator
Information Systems and Technology Mgmt.
CSREES/USDA, Stop 2216
Phone: 202/690-0003
FAX:   202/690-1290

P.S. Benepal, Special Asst.
NIFA/ USDA, Stop 2251
Phone: 202/720-4570
FAX:   202/720-4924

Edwin Lewis
Nat’l. Program Leader (SERD)
Capacity Building Grant Program
Phone: 202/690-4565
FAX: 202/720-3398

(Express Deliveries)
800 9th Street, SW
Suite 3252
Waterfront Center
Washington, DC 20024

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