2010 ESS/SAES/ARD Meeting and Workshop


Orlando McMeans – Research Strengths at 1890 Universities 

Alton Thompson – North Carolina A&T’s Center of Excellence in Post-Harvest Technologies: An Equitable 1890-1862 Partnership 

Walter Hill – Partnering for Mutual Benefit 

                                  Science Roadmap Challenge Areas

Steve Slack/Mike Harrington – Challenge I: Sustainability, Competitiveness, and Profitability 

Mike Hoffmann – Challenge II: Climate Change 

Steve Pueppke – Challenge III: Energy and the Bio-Economy 

John Liu – Challenge IV: Safe, Secure, and Abundant Food Supply 

Josef Kokini – Challenge V: Human Health, Nutrition, and Wellness 

Steve Meredith – Challenge VI: Environmental Stewardship 

Bo Beaulieu – Challenge VII: Individual, Family, and Community Development 

Roger Beachy – NIFA’s Vision 

Ed Knipling – ARS’ Vision 

Sanjiv Singh – Developing and Managing Large Integrated Grants 

Robert MacDonald – Documenting Impacts 

              William Brown – Best Practices Example 

              Steve Pueppke – Best Practices Example

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