Michael Rabel, P.T., D.Sc.P.T., O.C.S., C.E.A.S.

Associate Professor and Chair


  •  Doctor of Science – Physical Therapy (2006) – University of Maryland School of Medicine
  •  Masters – Physical Therapy (1997) – University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  •  Bachelor of Science – Management/Computer Information Systems (1989) – University of Maryland Baltimore County

Credentials and Certifications:

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist – ABPTS
Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS)


 Dr. Rabel serves as the Program Chair (officially appointed August 2015), and as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy. He has been with the department full-time since 2007 and teaches primarily in the areas of orthopedics, therapeutic exercise, and modalities. Prior to his position at UMES, he worked as the Director of Rehabilitation Services at McCready Foundation and had both a director and clinical role at Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital.

Areas of Interest and/or experience:

 My primary interest is orthopedics and sports physical therapy. My current research has focused on better understanding physical and muscle performance (activation, timing, and strength) on a variety of subject populations via motion analysis, electromyography, and isokinetics.   

Scholarly Activity:

 Rabel, M., Rosenthal, F., Aylor, J., & Davis, S. (2010). Trunk Rotation Range of Motion, Core Strength, and Back Pain in Collegiate Male Rowers, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 42(5), 421.

 Rabel, M., Olds, G., Acap, R. & Eller, A. (2011). The Relationships Between Isokinetic Profiles and Range of Motion in Collegiate Football Players, J Orthop Sports Phys Ther, Orthopedic Section, Annual Conference Book of Abstracts, June 2011.

 Rabel, M., Rosenthal, F., Smith, J., Bennett, H. (2011). Hip and Trunk Muscle Timing During Selected Movement Tasks: An Electromyographic Analysis. IJSI, 1(1), 1-8.

 Rabel, M. (2012). Incorporating Expert Theory into the Entry-Level Physical Therapy Orthopedic Management Curriculum: A Pilot Study. IJEM, 9(1), 30-39.

 Rabel, M., Rosenthal, F., Smith, J., Bennett, H. (2012). Muscle Activation During Common Hip Strengthening Exercises. IJSI, 2(1), 8-14.

 Rabel, M., Rosenthal, F., Smith, J. & Bennett, H. (2012) Muscle Timing and Activation During Two Common Exercises: An Electromyographic Analysis, UMES University Wide Research Symposium, Book of Abstracts, April 19, 2012, 46.

 Treuth, MS., Rabel, M., Klima, D., Arnie, S., Gise, M., Montanez, K., Lipton, J., Wagner, J., Treuth. MG. (2012).  Statins, Strength, and Functional Mobility in Adults, UMES University Wide Research Symposium, Book of Abstracts, April 19, 2012, 48.

 Martel, G., Yannessa, J., Rabel, M., Lyerly, G., & Klima, D. (2012). Is the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Inventory Appropriate for Fall Risk Screening in Active Older Men? Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 44(5).

 Purnell M, Webster K, Klima D, Stanford P, Rabel M (2012). An Assessment of Interprofessional Education in a New School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Kissimmee, Florida, July 14-18.

 Rabel, M., Moore, R., Stewart, B., Jackson-Bowen, D. (2013). The Short-Term Effects of Low-Level Laser on Subjects with Acute Ankle Injuries: A Pilot Study. JNSAH, 10(1),6-14.

 Rabel, M., Chase, R., Lominac, M., Yoon, C. (2013). Muscle Timing and Activation Patterns During Two Movement Screening Tests in Subjects With and Without Low Back Pain. JNSAH, 10(1), 38-48.  


PHYT 634 – Patient Management – Musculoskeletal I
PHYT 635 – Patient Management – Musculoskeletal II
PHYT 636 – Patient Management – Musculoskeletal III
PHYT 789 – Research Project

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