Special Olympics-MD FUNFitness June 2022

1st Year DPT Students volunteered at this community based event held at Townson University in June/2022.

There were 4 screening stations supervised by 3 Licensed Physical Therapists/Clinical Directors and included the following tests:

  • FLEXIBILITY:  Modified Thomas Test, Passive Knee Extension, Ankle Dorsiflexion, and Modified Apley’s Test
  • FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH:  Timed Sit to Stand, Hand Grip Dynamometry, and Seated Push-up Test
  • BALANCE:  Tandem Stance, Single Leg Stance (Eyes Open and Closed), Timed up and go, Seated Forward Functional Reach, and Seated Lateral Functional Reach
  • AEROBIC:  2 minute Step in Pace, 5 minute Wheel Test
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