Estimated Costs

The UMES DPT program has affordable tuition, the lowest in the region.

UMES DPT Student Financial Fact Sheet for 2023-2024

*Subject to Change

1.  Approximate Tuition per credit hour (2023-2024 year)

  • $ 355.00 per graduate credit hour (Maryland Resident)
  • $ 490.00 per graduate credit hour (Eastern Shore Region)
  • $ 660.00 per graduate credit hour (Non-Maryland Resident)

Number of credits by semester for each year*FallWinterSpringSummer
Year 11411713
Year 2183175
Year 3143138
*does not include Independent Study credits (3 credits)

 2.  Estimated Annual Tuition (Summer & Winter Sessions included, independent studies included in 2nd year costs)  

YearCreditsMaryland ResidentEastern Shore RegionNon-Maryland Resident
Year 145$15,975 $22,050$29,700
Year 246$16,330 $22,540$30,360
Year 338$13,490 $18,620$25,080

3. Other Approximate University Fees for both Maryland and Non-Maryland Residents

University FeesFee Per Credit Hour
Technology Fee $9.00 per credit hour
Auxiliary Operations & Facility Fee $80.00 per credit hour

 4. Departmental Fees:

Anatomy Laboratory$150.00 Fall Semester Year 1
Neuroscience Laboratory$150.00 Spring Semester Year 1

5.  Clinical Education Costs
Clinical affiliations are located in all regions of Maryland and other states.  Students are financially responsible for the following expenses for clinical education: 
Criminal background check 
Laboratory drug screening 
Annual physical examination, immunizations and medical testing
Annual CPR certification
Professional liability insurance
Personal health insurance
Clinic attire, clinical laboratory jacket and appropriate clinic shoes
Living expenses 
Parking fees  
Name tag
Students are also responsible for transportation to local clinics for clinical practicums. 

 6.  Other Costs
In addition to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore tuition and fees, students are responsible for: 
Laboratory scrubs, shoe covers, safety goggles and disposable gloves (Advanced Human Anatomy and Neuroscience)
Physical therapy tools (i.e., tape measure, goniometers, gait belt, reflex hammer)

Financial Aid and Scholarships

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