Departmental Student Research Projects 2024

2024 Research Projects:

3rd Yr Poster Graduate Presentations:

Title: Novel Non-Invasive Interventions in the Management of Peripheral Artery Disease
Student Investigators: Joshua Hefta, Carl Suarez, Patrick Luo, Erotokritos Varlas
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Pellinger, Ph.D., ACSM CEP & EP-C, NSCA CSCS

Title: Effects of Consistent, Self-Selected Physical Activity on Physical Performance and Quality of Life for Employees in an Office Setting: A Pilot Study
Student Investigators: Valerie Hammett, Angela Skolnitsy, Paige Wilde, Evan Cord, Amanda Irwin
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie McAllister, PT, DPT, OCS

Title: The Effect of Pelvic Positioning and Shoewear on Gluteus Medius Activation
Student Investigators: Ibukun Lawal, Matthew Mannick, Jerome Thomas, Brendan Born, Nicholas Rabat
Advisor: Dr. Michael Rabel, PT, MPT, DSc, OCS, CEAS

1st/2nd Yr Oral Graduate Presentation:

Title: Discovery of a Novel Brachial Plexus Variant: Morphological Analysis and Pedagogical Considerations
Student Investigators: Stefanie D. McBeth, James Collins, Lindsey E. Mosmiller, Brian Drummond, Marissa Swamy, Oluseun Ayoku
Advisor: Dr. Molly C. Selba, Ph.D.

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