Gross Anatomy Laboratory

The Gross Anatomy Laboratory is located on the second floor of Hazel Hall and is directed and operated by the Physical Therapy Department. It is approximately 1500 square feet with an attached cold storage room.  The laboratory is equipped with a video screen and multimedia projector and flat-screen TVs for viewing videos/DVDs and images from the internet.

Each dissecting station is equipped with state-of-the-art overhead task lighting for each dissecting table.  The lab is equipped with dissecting instruments, skeletons, numerous models, X-ray view boxes, and an ample supply of dissecting equipment.

The laboratory is utilized in the fall and winter semesters by 1st year DPT students in Advanced Human Anatomy.  During these semesters, the students dissect the back, neck, upper and lower extremities, trunk, thorax, and pelvis.  In the spring semester, the 1st year DPT students dissect the head, neck, brain, and spinal cord as a part of Neuroscience. Therefore, the DPT students conduct a full body dissection over three semesters with approximately four DPT students per cadaver.

The PT Department also offers the 3rd year DPT student additional dissecting opportunities in the Gross Anatomy Laboratory.  As part of the advanced musculoskeletal course series, the 3rd year DPT students perform advanced dissections which include the joints of the spine, rib cage, and extremities.

The students have access to the lab in the evenings and on the weekends for continued dissection and study.

Gross Anatomy Pre-matriculation Preparation Workshop (GAPP) 

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