Partner Institutions

The NOAA LMRCSC is made up of a consortium of seven institutions, with UMES as the lead institution. Each partner institution works cooperatively to meet the education, research and administrative goals of the Center. As a whole, the Center strives to prepare a diverse student body for careers in marine and fisheries sciences through exemplary academic and research collaborations. NOAA LMRCSC Fellows earn undergraduate, masters or doctoral degrees at the partner institutions. Scientists and students at the institutions collaborate on research and educational projects.

To learn more about the Center’s administration, please visit our Administration page. To learn more about our partners, please visit our Capabilities page.

Lead Institution


Center Director

Paulinus Chigbu, Ph.D.
Phone: (410) 621-3034

Program Director
Gulnihal Ozbay, Ph.D.

Program Director
Deidre Gibson, Ph.D.

Program Director
Jessica Miller, Ph.D.

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