Administrative Components

The NOAA LMRCSC has put in place and administrative structure to fulfill its goals and objectives. The Center’s Administrative Component is made up of the following committees:

Center Directorate: The Center Directorate is composed of Key Management Positions; Center Director, Assistant Director, Distinguished Research Scientist,  Education Expert, Coordinator for Budget and Data Management, Communication and Outreach Specialist, and Administrative Assistant. The Center Directorate is the hub through which all communications and decisions regarding the NOAA LMRCSC pass. It is the point of contact for all matters pertaining to the NOAA LMRCSC and its programs at the collaborating institutions, and the administrative center for the research, education and training programs of the Center.

Executive Committee (EC): The EC is chaired by the Center Director and is comprised of the Center Directorate, and the Project Directors from each Partner Institution. The EC represents the programmatic interests of each of the collaborating institutions and the Center Directorate addressing the progress towards meeting programmatic objectives at each institution. The EC provides direct oversight and advice to the Center Director. EC meetings are used to discuss and develop center-wide strategies for recruiting students and placing them at NOAA Labs for internships. Internal quantitative and qualitative assessments of the Center institutions are made individually by the Project Directors at each institution and collectively by the EC.

Center Core Administration (CCA): The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at UMES serves as Chair of the CCA. The CCA discusses, identifies and resolves administrative affairs that pertain to the Center. The CCA functions to integrate NOAA LMRCSC administratively and physically into UMES operations and ensures that the Center has the necessary resources to achieve its mission and meet its programmatic objectives. The CCA is composed of the following at UMES: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Representative from the Office of the President, Vice-President for Administrative Affairs, Dean of the School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences, and the Center Director.

LMRCSC Technical Monitor 

LMRCSC Technical Advisor

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