The LMRCSC and its partners offer internships to undergraduate students in research, in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program format. Internship opportunities in marine sciences are available at the external organizations listed below.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs are typically framed as a summer internships and provide intensive, hands on experience in research as well as instruction in presentation skills, scientific ethics and communication. The programs exist at research and educational institutions across the country. REU can help students launch their career in science, as well as prepare students for graduate school and more advanced research. REU programs are generally oriented toward rising seniors, but the REU program at UMES is targeted toward students at the freshman and sophomore levels.

The LMRCSC is proud to offer REU programs as an excellent complement to the Center’s educational programs. LMRCSC graduate students work alongside faculty and the REU students, providing guidance and mentorship and gaining valuable teaching and supervisory experience.

Four LMRCSC partner universities offer REU programs in the marine and fisheries sciences:

Learn more about nationwide NSF REU and other undergraduate internship programs

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