2023 Publications


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  1. Bender, A.N.; Krause, D.J.; Goebel, M.E.; Hoffman, J.I.; Lewallen, E.A.; Bonin, C.A. 2023. Genetic diversity and demographic history of the leopard seal: A Southern Ocean top predator. PLoS ONE 18(8): e0284640. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0284640
  2. Cavole, L.M.; Munguia-Vega, A.; Miller, J.A.; Salinas-de-Leon, P.; Marin Jarrin, J.R.; Johnson, A.F.; Rastoin-Laplane, E.; Giron-Nava, A.; Aburto-Oropeza, O. 2023. Combining otolith chemistry and genetics to infer the population structure of yellow snapper Lutjanus argentiventris. Ecosphere. 14(10):e4682.
  3. Chigbu, P., Babcock, E.A.; Gibson, D.M.; Hoskins-Brown, D.; Jagus, R.; Miller, J.A.; Sexton, M.A.; Smith, S.L.; Stevens, B.; Die, D.J. ; Schott, E.; Young, V. 2023. Preparing a diverse future workforce in marine and fisheries science: The NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center. Oceanography 36(4): 88–93, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2024.139
  4. Deshpande, A.D.; Freeman, D.; Lascelles, N.; Drayton, D. 2023. Pyrolysis GC-MS Characterization of Plastic Debris from the Northern Gulf of Alaska Shorelines. ACS ES&T Water 3 (5), 1364-1373. DOI: 10.1021/acsestwater.3c00041
  5. Frey, B.; Lyubchich, V.; Zapp Sluis, M.; Miller, N.; Secor, D. 2023. Examining the periodicity of annular deposition of otolith microconstituents as a means of age validation. NOAA Fishery Bulletin, 121:188–198. DOI: 10.7755/FB.121.4.4
  6. Fuchsman, C.A.; Garcia Prieto, D.; Hays, M.D.; Cram, J.A. 2023. Associations between picocyanobacterial ecotypes and cyanophage host genes across ocean basins and depthPeerJ 11:e14924 
  7. Pelekai, K.N.; Hess, J.E.; Weitkamp, L.A.; Lampman, R.T.; Miller, J.A. 2023. Evaluation of pacific lamprey statoliths for age estimation across their life cycle. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 43(6):1610-1622.
  8. Pérez-Pérez, N.M.; Poach, M.; Stevens, B.; Smith, S.L.; Ozbay, G. 2023. Diet and Temperature Effects on the Survival of Larval Red Deep-Sea Crabs, Chaceon quinquedens (Smith, 1879), under Laboratory Conditions. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 11.
  9. Wade, K.J.; Shertzer, K.W.; Craig, K.J.; Williams, E.H. 2023. Correlations in recruitment patterns of Atlantic reef fishes off the southeastern United States based on multi-decadal estimates from stock assessments. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 102736 (57)
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