Dr. Paulinus Chigbu


Associate Dean for Research, Development and Graduate Education
Professor of Marine Environmental (Fisheries) Science
School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences
University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES)

Phone: (410) 621-3034 | Email: pchigbu@umes.edu | Fax: (410) 651-7739

2018 PAESMEM Award | CREST | REU | Geosciences | Curriculum Vitae 

  • University System of Maryland Wilson H. Elkins Professor of Marine Science – UMES (2019-2020).
  • United States Presidential Award – Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (2018).
  • University System of Maryland Board of Regents Excellence – Mentoring Faculty Award (2016)
  • UMES Distinguished Service Award – Dedication toward advancing minorities in Marine Sciences (2016)
  • Director, NOAA-LMRCSC, UMES. January 2006 – Present
  • Director, NSF-CREST: Center for the Study of Coastal Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics in the Mid-Atlantic Region. 2010 – Present.
  • Director, Coastal Ecology Teaching and Research Center (CETRC), University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 2007-2008


University of Washington School of Fisheries, Seattle (1993)
Ph.D., Fisheries

University of Benin, Nigeria (1987)
M.S., Zoology (Hydrobiology)

University of Benin, Nigeria (1984)
B.S., Zoology (First Class Honors)

Research Interests

  1. Fish and zooplankton ecology
  2. Crustacean biology
  3. Trophic dynamics in marine and freshwater environments

Selected Publications

  1. Whitehead, J.C., E.L. Mecray, E.D. Lane, L. Kerr, M.L. Finucane, D.R. Reidmiller, M.C. Bove, F.A. Montalto, S. O’Rourke, D.A. Zarrilli, P. Chigbu, C.C. Thornbrugh, E.N. Curchitser, J.G. Hunter, and K. Law (2023): Ch. 21. Northeast. In: Fifth National Climate Assessment. Crimmins, A.R., C.W. Avery, D.R. Easterling, K.E. Kunkel, B.C. Stewart, and T.K. Maycock, Eds. U.S. Global Change Research Program,Washington, DC, USA. https://doi.org/10.7930/NCA5.2023.CH21.  
  2. Chigbu, P., E.A. Babcock, D.M. Gibson, D. Hoskins-Brown, R. Jagus, J.A. Miller, M.A. Sexton, S.L. Smith, B. Stevens, D.J. Die, E. Schott, and V. Young. (2023).  Preparing a diverse future workforce in marine and fisheries science: The NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center. Oceanography 36(4): 88–93, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2024.139
  3. Adebola, T., Hart, D. & Chigbu, P. (2022). Bathymetric trends in the body size, and diet of Astropecten americanus in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Estuarine,Coastal and Shelf Science, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecss.2022.107814
  4. Morales-Nunez, A. & Chigbu, P. (2021). Carinacuma umesi, a new cumacean genus and species (Crustacea: Peracarida: Bodotriidae) from shallow-waters of Maryland Coastal Bays, USA, Mid-Atlantic region. PeerJ. DOI 10.7717/peerj.11740.
  5. Elfadul, R.*, Jesien, R., Elnabawi, A., Chigbu, P. & Ishaque, A. (2021). Analysis of Estrogenic Activity in Maryland Coastal Bays using the MCF-7 Cell Proliferation Assay.  International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(12): 6254. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18126254.
  6. Da Silva, L.V., Ossai, S., Chigbu, P. & Parveen, S. (2021).  Antimicrobial and genetic profiles of Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from Maryland Coastal Bays. Frontiers in Microbiology, https://doi.org/10.3389/fmicb.2021.676249.
  7. Edje, B.* & Chigbu, P. (2021). Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes of copepods in a tidal estuarine system in Maryland, USA. Regional Studies in Marine Science. Vol. 42, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rsma.2021.101620.
  8. Parveen, S., Jacobs, J., Ozbay, G., Chintapenta, K., Almuhaideb, E., Meredith, J., Ossai, S., Abbott, A., Grant, A., Brohawn, K., Chigbu, P. & Richards, G.P. (2020). Seasonal and geographical differences in total and pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus levels in the Mid-Atlantic area as determined by several methods.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 86(23):e01581-20. doi: 10.1128/AEM.01581-20.  
  9. Edje, B.*, Ishaque, A.B. & Chigbu, P. (2020). Spatial and temporal patterns of δ13C and δ15N of suspended particulate organic matter in Maryland Coastal Bays, USA. Water 12: 2345; doi: 10.3390/w12092345.
  10. Oghenekaro, E.U.* & Chigbu, P. (2019).  Dynamics of mesozooplankton assemblage in relation to environmental factors in the Maryland Coastal Bays. Water11(10), 2133; https://doi.org/10.3390/w11102133
  11. Chigbu, P., Malinis, L.*, Malagon, H.* & Doctor, S. (2019). Influence of temperature on the occurrence and distribution of sand shrimp (Crangon septemspinosa) in mid-Atlantic Coastal Lagoons. Journal of Crustacean Biology. 39(5): 586-593.
  12. Morales-Núñez, A.G.+ & Chigbu, P. (2019). Abundance, distribution and species composition of amphipods associated with macroalgae from shallow waters of the Maryland Coastal Bays (MCBs). Marine Biodiversity 49(1): 175-191.
  13. Mayor, E.D.* & Chigbu, P. (2018). Mysid shrimp dynamics in relation to abiotic and biotic factors in the coastal lagoons of Maryland, Mid-West Atlantic.  Marine Biology Research. 14(3): 1-16.
  14. Oseji, O.F.*, Chigbu, P., Oghenekaro, E., Waguespack, Y. & Chen, N. (2018).  Spatial and temporal patterns of phytoplankton composition and abundance in the Maryland Coastal Bays: the influence of freshwater discharge and anthropogenic activities. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 207: 119-131.
  15. Oghenekaro, E.U.*, Chigbu, P., Oseji, O.F. & Tang, K.W. (2018). Seasonal factors influencing the abundance of copepods in the Maryland Coastal Bays.  Estuaries and Coasts, 41(2): 495-506.
  16. Peters, R.* & Chigbu, P. (2017).  Spatial and temporal patterns of abundance of juvenile black sea bass (Centropristis striata) in Maryland Coastal Bays. Fishery Bulletin 115: 504–516.
  17. Kang, X.*, Xia, M., Pitula, J.S. & Chigbu, P. (2017). Dynamics of water and salt exchange in Maryland Coastal Bays.  Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 189: 1-16.
  18. Mayor, E.*, Chigbu, P., Pierson, J. & Kennedy, V.S. (2017). Composition, abundance and life history of mysids (Crustacea: Mysidacea) in the coastal lagoons of Maryland, USA.  Estuaries and Coasts 40: 224–234.   


Dr. Paulinus Chigbu is University System of Maryland Wilson H. Elkins Professor of Marine Science at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). He has been Director of the NOAA LMRCSC since 2006. Since coming to UMES, he has established numerous programs for research and education in the marine sciences, which he also directs, including the National Science Foundation (NSF) CREST Center for the Integrated Study of Coastal Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics in the Mid-Atlantic Region (CREST-CISCEP) and the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates site in Marine and Estuarine Science. He is also Project Director of the geoscience bridge program funded by NSF.

Dr Chigbu’s primary research interests are fisheries and zooplankton ecology, particularly the influence of variations in climatic factors on water quality and biota, and trophic dynamics in marine and freshwater environments.

NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Lead Institution)
(410) 651-7870
Award numbers: FY 2021 Award #NA21SEC4810005
Funding Agency: NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions (EPP/MSI)

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