Ergonomic Assessments

The 2nd year Doctor of Physical Therapy students complete projects in which they perform a work station/job task analysis for a real client.  The projects are customized for the client and of course integrated with current research evidence.  This project is an integral component of PHYT 632 Therapeutic Exercise III (curriculum sequence).

The students describe each task in terms of tools, equipment, task demands, work station layout, as well as may other characteristics.  They also identify and assess risk factors of those job tasks.

Examples include: bartender, sheep shearer, pilot, mill operator, child care provider, state police trooper, bakery assistant, stock clerk, powerwasher, surf rescue, ICU nurse, athletic trainer and many others

 It is valuable for the students to broaden their perspective of physical therapy from the traditional hospital/clinic setting to the industry/job site setting in order to focus on injury prevention, wellness promotion, and safety.”

~ Mike Rabel, PT, DScPT, OCS, CEAS, Associate Professor
  • Athletic Trainer

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