Amira Layeni

NOAA-EPP LMRCSC Master’s Graduate
M.S., Biology – Environmental Track
Hampton University

After graduating from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a B.S. in Biology with a focus in Ecology/Environmental Science, Amira Layeni enrolled in the LMRCSC program at Hampton University as a master’s candidate in Biology with a focus on Environmental Biology. Amira is working under Dr. Joey Reustle, where she will look at the occurrence of microplastics and examine the impacts it has on oyster reefs. The overall goal of the research is to further the limited knowledge that the scientific community currently possesses on the impacts of plastic pollution on aquatic ecosystems. Since she was raised in a coastal community, Amira is determined to bring attention to the negative consequences of pollution and contribute to long-lasting and successful restoration initiatives.

Research Theme: Stock Assessment

NOAA LMRCSC Fellows attain the NOAA Core Competencies detailed in this rubric.

NERTO Project Title:  A Survey of Microplastic Contamination in South Carolina Oyster Reefs

NOAA Mentor: Dr. Marie DeLorenzo, NOS, Ecotoxicology Branch, Stressor Detection and Impacts Division, Hollings Marine Laboratory

Academic Advisor: Dr. Joseph Reustel and Dr. Deidre Gibson


  1. Layeni, A.* and J.W. Reustle. Microplastic deposition on urbanized, temperate oyster reefs. Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography. 2023. Mallorca, Spain (Poster).

NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Lead Institution)
(410) 651-7870
Award numbers: FY 2021 Award #NA21SEC4810005
Funding Agency: NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions (EPP/MSI)

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