Sena Tay, M.S.

NOAA-EPP LMRCSC  Master’s Graduate
M.S., Marine Science
Savannah State University

Already having earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy from Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, Sena Tay has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science as an undergraduate fellow at Savannah State University. She continued her education by pursuing her Master’s degree at Savannah State University.

Sena worked in Dr. Tara Cox’s lab where she assessed the potential effect of POPs on the reproductive health of the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). In previous semesters, Sena has worked in Dr. Amanda Kaltenberg’s lab examining the Gulf Stream’s seasonal fluctuation in velocity.

Sena has since graduated and she plans to pursue her doctoral degrees so she can better research her interests in environmental toxicology.

NERTO Project Title: Common bottlenose dolphin contaminant analysis

NERTO Mentor: Dr. Irvin Schultz

Academic Advisor: Dr. Tara Cox 


  1. Tay, S. & Kaltenberg, A. (2019). Seasonality of the Gulf Stream current velocity off Cape Hatteras, NC. Presentation at the Emerging Researchers National Conference in Washington D.C. Feb. 2019.
  2. Tay, S., and A. Kaltenberg. (2019). Seasonality of the Gulf Stream current velocity off Cape Hatteras, NC. Poster presentation
  3. Presented poster at Savannah State University Research day, April 2, 2019

NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Lead Institution)
(410) 651-7870
Award numbers: FY 2021 Award #NA21SEC4810005
Funding Agency: NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions (EPP/MSI)

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