Engineering Laboratories

School of Business and Technology

Department of Engineering and Aviation Sciences Laboratories

Room Number            Laboratory Name
1027Statics Materials Lab 
1015MEMS Lab  
1016Thermal / Fluid Lab  
1021RAM Lab  (Robotics Automation and Manufacturing Lab)
1014Aerospace Engineering Lab
1028Communication Lab
1035Carpentry Shop 
1036Machine Shop 
1040Senior Design Lab 
1047Embedded Systems / Power System Lab 
1039High Bay Lab
2015-1Energy System/Acoustics Lab 
2015-2Electromagnetic/ Antenna Lab 
2028MD Sc Lab/ Unmanned Aerial System Design laboratory
2029Controls Lab 
2030Digital Logic Lab 
2041VLSI/CAD Lab 
2054Signal / Image Lab 
2055Multimedia Lab 
2056Open Computer Lab

3068Micro C & P
3069Instrumentation Circuit Lab
3016Flight Simulator- Observe Classroom
3017Aviation Comp Lab 
3025Flight Simulator
3026Flight Simulator 
3028Pseudo Pilots Room
3029Traffic Control 
3030Radar Area 
3032Flight Simulator
3033Flight Simulator 
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