Faculty and Staff

Yuanwei Jin, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Tel: 410-621-3410
Email: yjin@umes.edu
Faculty Web Page

Virginia C. Heath
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 410-651-6365
Email: vcheath@umes.edu

Alvernon Walker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Tel: 410-651-7559
Email: awalker1@umes.edu

Ibibia K. Dabipi, Ph.D.
Tel: 410-651-6489
Email: ikdabipi@umes.edu

Chris Hartman, M.S., CFI-I
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator
Tel: 410-651-8317
Email: chartman@umes.edu

Xavier Henry, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Aviation Science
Tel: 410-651-2982
Email: xhenry@umes.edu

Edward J. Brink III, M.S.
Clinical Assistant Professor/Chief Flight Instructor
Tel: 410-621-2984
Email: ejbrinkiii@umes.edu

Christopher Proscia.
Aviation Maintenance Program Manager
Email: mproscia@umes.edu

Mamoun Y. Ibrahim, M.S.
Laboratory Manager
Tel: 410-621-2297
Email: myibrahim@umes.edu

Payam Matin, Ph.D.
Tel: 410-621-3020
Email: phmatin@umes.edu

Abhijit Nagchaudhuri, Ph.D.
Tel: 410-651-6479
Email: anagchaudhuri@umes.edu

Lei Zhang , PhD.
Associate Professor
Tel: 410-651-8470
Email: lzhang@umes.edu

Lanju Mei, PhD.
Associate Professor.
Tel: 410-651-6813
Email: lmei@umes.edu

Md Sarker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Tel: 410-621-2989
Email: masarker@umes.edu
Faculty Web Page

Aaron Persad, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Tel: 410-621-2981
Email: ahpersad@umes.edu
Faculty Web Page

Stanfield, Ricky, PhD.
Adjunct Faculty
Email: rwstanfield@umes.edu , rickystanfield0323@gmail.com

Julius O. Ejenavi, M.S.
Engineering Program Coordinator
Tel: 410-651-8095
Email: joejenavi@umes.edu

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