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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Engineering and Aviation Sciences at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The mission of the Department is to provide quality professional degree programs, to prepare students for employment in their chosen field, to establish close partnerships with and facilitate technology transfers to industry and government, to prepare students for advanced studies, to contribute to economic development of the State, and to provide related service to the campus community and the community at large.

As you visit this website, you become familiar with the knowledge and skills needed by engineering and aviation professionals to solve problems and seize the opportunities of this highly challenging century.

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with specialization in Aerospace, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical. The department also offers a Bachelor of Science program in Aviation Sciences with concentration in Aviation Electronics, Aviation Management, Aviation Software, or Professional Pilot.

The laboratories in the department are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentations, developmental hardware, and software tools for teaching and research. The curricula and undergraduate research activities in the department combine strength of engineering fundamentals with hands on and laboratory experiences to reinforce the principles and concepts used in the classroom and to apply the knowledge learned to solve real-world problems in an environment that emphasizes leadership and teamwork.

We are student centered and are committed to providing a world class education and research in engineering and aviation sciences through focused activities with the help of excellent faculty, staff, and facilities. Students in our department enjoy benefits of small classes, more individual attention, easy access to the professors, dedicated computer and technology resources, and newly established and equipped laboratories.

The department focuses on student’s career goals to provide a strong background in the fields of engineering and aviation sciences. We are dedicated to promoting life long learning and exposing students to social and ethical issues involving engineering and Aviation Sciences. Our graduates enjoy the satisfaction of being problem solvers within their industry.

All the faculty and staff of the department will work with you to meet your career or higher education goals. We hope to see you succeed. Meanwhile, I invite you to watch the following video clip about our Engineering program. If you have any questions or you need more information on either program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yuanwei Jin, Ph.D. 
Professor and Chair

Air Plane Flying
Students in simulated Air Traffic Control Room
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