General Requirements of the Degree

The Engineering Program consists of 124 total credit hours. Students choose 17 credit hours of specialization from one of the four different areas in Engineering and 48 credit hours of core engineering courses. The specialization areas are Aerospace, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical. The curricula includes 28 credit hours of general education courses in English, arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and emerging issues. An additional 12 credits in mathematics and physical sciences are required under the general education program which are included as a part of the requirements for the Engineering major. This makes the total credits for general education to be 40 credit hours.

Total Number of Credits and Their Distribution 
I.   General Education40Cr.Hrs
II.  Supportive Math & Science19Cr.Hrs
III. Engineering Core48Cr.Hrs
IV. Engineering Specialization17Cr.Hrs
I. General Education Requirements40Cr.Hrs
Curriculum Area I9Cr.Hrs
Elective Arts Course3hrs
ARTS 101ARTS 310MUSI 100MUSI 101MUSI 109) 
Elective Humanities Course3hrs
HIST 201HIST 202HIST 333HIST 334HIST 341HIST 360) 
ENGL 203 Fundamentals of Contemporary Speech3hrs
Curriculum Area II6Cr.Hrs
Elective Social Sciences Course3hrs
ECON 201ECON 202POLI 200SOCI 101) 
Elective Behavioral Sciences Course3hrs
CRJS 101PSAYC 200SOCI 201) 
Curriculum Area III8Cr.Hrs
CHEM 111 Chemistry I or BIOL 1113hrs
CHEM 113 Chemistry Lab I or BIOL 103 Lab1hrs
PHYS 161 General Physics I3hrs
PHYS 163 General Physics Lab I1hrs
Curriculum Area IV4Cr.Hrs
MATH 112 Calculus I4hrs
Curriculum Area V9Cr.Hrs
ENGL 101 Principles of Composition I3hrs
ENGL 102 Principles of Composition II3hrs
ENGL 305 Technical Writing3hrs
Curriculum Area VI4Cr.Hrs
ENGE 100 First Year Orientations with Engineering1hrs
AVSC 288AGNR 483)3hrs
II. Supportive Science & Math Requirements   19Cr.Hrs
MATH 211 Calculus II4hrs
MATH 212 Calculus III4hrs
MATH 241 Differential Equations  3hrs
PHYS 262 General Physics II3hrs
PHYS 263 General Physics III3hrs
PHYS 264 General Physics Lab II1hr
PHYS 265 General Physics Lab III1hr
III. Engineering Core Requirements48Cr.Hrs  
ENGE 150 Modern Engineering Design3hrs
ENGE 170 Programming Concepts for Engineers3hrs
ENGE 240 Basic Circuit Theory3hrs
ENGE 241 Analog Circuits Lab1hr
ENGE 250 Digital Logic Design3hrs
ENGE 251 Digital Logic Lab1hr
ENGE 260 Statics3hrs
ENGE 261 Dynamics3hrs
ENGE 270 Computer Aided Design3hrs
ENGE 320 Statistics & Probability for Engineers3hrs
ENGE 340 Analog and Digital Electronics3hrs
ENGE 341 Analog and Digital Electronics Lab1hr
ENGE 362 Mechanics of Materials3hrs
ENGE 370 Computational Methods in Engineering3hrs
ENGE 380 Instrumentations3hrs
ENGE 382 Control Systems3hrs
ENGE 383  Control and Instrumentation Lab1hr
ENGE 475 Engineering Seminar1hr
ENGE 476 Senior Design Project I2hrs
ENGE 477 Senior Design Project II2hrs
IV. Engineering Specialization Requirements17Cr.Hrs
Students will take five courses and one lab from one of the following areas of specialization: 
Aerospace Specialization (ENAE) 
ENAE 342 Fluid Mechanics3hrs
ENAE 345 Thermodynamics3 hrs
ENAE 412 Space Systems Design3hrs
ENAE 389 Space Navigation and Guidance3hrs
ENAE 420 Aerodynamics3hrs
ENAE 430 Finite Element Analysis3hrs
ENAE 440 Mechatronics3hrs
ENAE 442 Micro Elect Mechanical Systems3hrs
ENAE 462 Digital Control System3hrs
ENAE 464 Embedded System Design Lab2hrs
ENAE 465 Remote Sensing and Image Processing3hrs
ENAE 467 Design of Autonomous Aerial Systems3hrs
ENAE 472 Selected Topics in Engineering3hrs
Computer Specialization (ENCE) 
ENCE 330 Signals and Systems3hrs
ENCE 350 Computer Organization3hrs
ENCE 352 Microprocessors and Microcomputers3hrs
ENCE 372 Computer Networks3hrs 
ENCE 387 Simulation & Virtual Reality3hrs
ENCE 422 Introduction to Machine Learning3hrs
ENCE 452 Artificial Intelligence3hrs
ENCE 454 Computer System Architecture3hrs
ENCE 456 Microprocessors Design Lab2hrs
ENCE 458 VLSI Design3hrs
ENCE 460 Digital Signal Processing3hrs
ENCE 462 Digital Control System3hrs
ENCE 464 Embedded System Design Lab2hrs
ENCE 468 Robotics3hrs
ENCE 469 Robotic & Automation Design Lab2hrs
ENCE 472 Selected Topics in Engineering3hrs
Electrical Specialization (ENEE) 
ENEE 330 Signal and Systems3hrs
ENEE 348 Electromagnetic Theory3hrs
ENEE 372 Computer Networks3hrs
ENEE 385 Power Electronics  3hrs
ENEE 387 Simulation & Virtual Reality3hrs
ENEE 422 Introduction to Machine Learning3hrs
ENEE 443 Communications Systems3hrs
ENEE 444 Communications Design Lab2hrs
ENEE 452 Artificial Intelligence3hrs
ENEE 460 Digital Signal Processing3hrs
ENEE 462 Digital Control System3hrs
ENEE 464 Embedded System Design Lab2hrs
ENEE 465 Remote Sensing and Image Processing3hrs
ENEE 468 Robotics3hrs
ENEE 469 Robotic & Automation Design Lab2hrs
ENEE 472 Selected Topics in Engineering3hrs
Mechanical Specialization (ENME) 
ENME 342 Fluid Mechanics3hrs
ENME 345 Thermodynamics3hrs
ENME 346 Heat Transfer3hrs
ENME 422 Mechanisms and Machine Design3hrs
ENME 425 Rapid Prototyping & Product Develop3hrs
ENME 430 Finite Element Analysis3hrs
ENME 440 Mechatronics3hrs
ENME 442 Micro Elect Mechanical Systems3hrs
ENME 462 Digital Control System3hrs
ENME 464 Embedded System Design Lab2hrs
ENME 468 Robotics  3hrs
ENME 469 Robotic & Automation Design Lab2hrs
ENME 472 Selected Topics in Engineering3hrs
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