Withdrawal and Refund of Fees

Students withdrawing from the University during a semester will be credited for all academic fees charged to them, in accordance with the following schedule.

Period from First Day of Instruction Refundable Percentage:

Two weeks or less                                           80%

Between two and three weeks                       60%

Between three and four weeks                      40%

After four weeks No refund                             0

Any student who desires or is compelled to withdraw from the University for any cause at any time during the academic year should secure an application for withdrawal from the Office of the Registrar, obtain the proper signatures and file it in the Office the Registrar. The effective date for withdrawals, with regard to refunds and grades, is the date the form is filed at the Office of the Registrar. No student may withdraw after the last scheduled day of classes in a given semester. Exceptions will be referred to the Academic Appeals Board. No part of the charges for room and board is refundable,except when the student officially withdraws from the University or is given permission by the appropriate officials of the University to move from the residence facility and/or to discontinue dining hall privileges. When permission is given to discontinue dining hall privileges, the meal card must be turned in to the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. In these cases, the room refund will be computed by deducting ten percent (10%) of the charge for the semester as a service charge and the remainder will be prorated on a weekly basis. Refunds to students for board (dining hall) charges will be calculated in the same manner. No room and/or board refunds will be made after the fourteenth week of the semester. Weekly basis shall be defined as a complete week or any fraction thereof.

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