Reinstatement following Academic Dismissal

Students matriculating as first time freshmen will not be academically dismissed at the end of their first semester regardless of cumulative grade point average or number of credit hours earned.  Beginning with their second semester, such students will be subject to the standards given in the table below. 

        A student, other than a first semester freshman, will be academically dismissed if he/she

               1. fails to maintain the cumulative grade point average consistent with the number of credits attempted, or  

               2. falls in the category of Academic Probation for two consecutive semesters.                                                                                                  

A student who has been academically dismissed and who is reinstated will still be subject to the standards set forth below.  For example, a student will be academically dismissed again at the end of the first semester after reinstatement, if he/she remain in the Academic Dismissal category.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that students falling in the dismissal category and are reinstated should earn at least a 2.0 grade point average for the semester in order to maintain enrollment.

Guidelines for Reinstatement (READ CAREFULLY)

Reinstatement Application Priority Deadlines

Note: All requests for reinstatement must be submitted prior to the start of the term of which the student wishes to return to UMES.


November 1st – January 9th -Students wanting to return for the Winter or Spring Session. FINAL DEADLINE – January 19, 2024

April 1st – May 15th – Students wanting to return for the Summer Session.

April 1st August 1st -Students wanting to return for the Fall Session.

Students MUST file a reinstatement application if one or more of the following applies:

       (a) They have been ACADEMICALLY DISMISSED
       (b) They are ineligible for readmission due to DISCIPLINARY SUSPENSION
       (c) They are ineligible for readmission due to JUDICIAL SUSPENSION.

Students may be reinstated ONLY in the major and/or course of study in which they were last enrolled. Changes to major/course of study can be processed AFTER reinstatement, requiring completion of the appropriate form at:

Students applying for reinstatement who have attended ANY other college/university since their attendance at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, MUST submit applicable official transcripts, electronically at, or by mail to the Office of the Registrar (address directly below).  This information is REQUIRED for a review of this application to be completed.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Office of the Registrar
Student Development Center, Suite 1120
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

       (1) Submission of this application and adherence to any related policies and deadlines is the sole responsibility of the
             applicant.  This application MUST be completed and submitted electronically below.
       (2) As part of the application, any extenuating circumstances affecting the applicant’s academic performance should be
             supported by documentation (e.g. doctor’s note, hospital records, records of death of immediate family member).
       (3) Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and reinstatement upheld.

Reinstatement Application

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