Academic Dismissal

Student matriculating as first time freshmen will not be academically dismissed at the end of their first semester regardless of cumulative grade point average or number of credit hours earned.  Beginning with their second semester, such students will be subject to the standards given in the table below. 

        A student, other than a first semester freshman, will be academically dismissed if he/she

               1. fails to maintain the cumulative grade point average consistent with the number of credits attempted, or  

               2. falls in the category of Academic Probation for two consecutive semesters.                                                                                                  

A student who has been academically dismissed and who is reinstated with still be subject to the standards set forth in the table below.  For example, a student will be academically dismissed again at the end of the first semester after reinstatement, if he/she remain in the Academic Dismissal category.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that students falling in the dismissal category and are reinstated should earn at least a 2.000 grade point average for the semester in order to maintain enrollment.

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