Readmission After Voluntary Withdrawal

 A student who voluntarily withdraws or who is administratively withdrawn from the University for reasons such as medical, personal, financial, lack of interest, and employment may apply for readmission to the University by completing and filing the Application for Readmission after Voluntary Withdrawal. The deadlines are as follows below:

November 1st – Students wanting to return for the Winter or Spring Session.

April 1st – Students wanting to return for the Summer Session.

August 1st -Students wanting to return for the Fall Session.

A student may be readmitted only in the Major and/or Course of study in which they were last enrolled. Any desired change to your current status
requires the completion of the appropriate forms available in the Office of the Registrar after you have been readmitted.

If a student has attended any other college or university since leaving the University of Maryland Eastern Shore complete official transcripts
must be sent to the Office of the Registrar at the address provided on this form. This information must be received and will be reviewed before
any action is taken with this application. Please Note: This is the sole responsibility of the applicant. The application MUST be typed. Incomplete applications and/or any applications without ALL required documentation will not be processed.

Readmission After Voluntary Withdrawal Form

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