UMES Policy on Academic Probation and Dismissal


Good Academic Standing

Students are considered to be in good academic standing and performing satisfactorily at UMES if their cumulative GPA is at least 2.0.

Unsatisfactory Performance:

Total Hours
AcademicDismissal If Cum.GPA isAcademicProbation If Cum.GPA is in the range
1-241.549 or below1.550 to 1.999
25-481.699 or below1.700 to 1.999
49-731.799 or below1.800 to 1.999
74 and above1.949 or below1.950 to 1.999

All credit hours transferred to UMES are included in the Total Hours attempted in the first column of the above table when determining the category of academic performance.  The cumulative GPA is computed by using

  1. the number of credit hours attempted at UMES and corresponding grades earned, and
  2. credit hours attempted elsewhere within the University System of Maryland and   the corresponding grades earned, when the grades also transfer to UMES.  If the grades do not transfer, the hours are not used in computing the GPA.
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