Credit Unit and Load

The semester hour, the unit of credit, is the equivalent of a subject pursued one 50-minute period a week for approximately 14-15 weeks.  Two or three periods of laboratory are required for each credit hour in any course.  In order for students to complete most curricula in four calendar years, their semester credit load must average 15 credits each semester or 30 hours each year toward their degree.  A student registering for more than 18 hours per semester must have special approval from the Dean of his/her school.  Normally, students having a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above may request permission from their Dean to register for more than 18 semester hours.   The Registrar’s Office will not accept the Registration Schedule if an overload of credit hours is requested without such approval.  Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to carry more than 21 credit hours per semester.

Semester hour credit may be converted to quarter hour credit by dividing by two-thirds.

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