Computation of Grade Point Average

To compute the grade point average (GPA), the number of credits for each course is multiplied by the quality points of the corresponding grade.  The total number of quality points is divided by the total number of credits attempted to obtain the grade point average for the semester.


Grades and Quality Points

Letter GradeQuality Points per Hour
A  (90-100)4.0
B  (80-89)3.0
C  (70-79)2.0
D  (60-69)1.0
F  below 60)0.0
Your ScheduleCredit HoursGradeQuality Points
Engl 1013B=9
Math 1013A=12
Hist  1013A=12
Biol  1014C=8
Edhe 1042F=0

Total Credit Hours: 15
Total Quality Points: 41

GPA =  41/15 = 2.73 GPA

The cumulative grade point average is computed in a similar manner by including all courses attempted at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  Courses transferred from other institutions as not included in the grade point average.  The following courses are also not included in computing the grade point average:  Zero credit hours pass/fail, satisfactory/ unsatisfactory courses.  The course hours in which the grade of “I” is assigned are not included as hours attempted when computing the cumulative grade point average.  Only when the grade of “I” is removed and replaced by a letter grade will the course hours be included in your grade point average as hours attempted.  At such time, the Office of the Registrar will make an appropriate entry in the cumulative grade point average.

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