Application for Degree

Students planning to graduate in December must complete their academic program requirements by the end of the fall semester; program requirements must be completed by the end of the spring semester for those planning to graduate in May.  Students who expect to complete the degree requirements at the end of a semester should complete an application for degree during the pre-registration period prior to the semester of the expected graduation.  Pre-registration dates are published in the Academic Calendar.

Students who expect to graduate and are not enrolled at the University must file the application for degree by January 30th for spring semester commencement and September 30th for the fall semester commencement.  Students will be charged a non-refundable diploma fee after the receipt of the application for degree.  This fee and all financial obligations to the university must be satisfied in order to participate in commencement activities and prior to the release of the degree.

Students who do not graduate as expected must resubmit an application for degree in order to participate in the next Commencement exercise.  For additional information contact the Office of the Registrar at 410-651-6413.

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