Academic Probation

Any student will be placed on academic probation if he/she

  1. fails to maintain the cumulative grade point average consistent with the number of credit hours attempted, or
  2. has been reinstated to the University following academic dismissal.

Students on academic probation are restricted to no more than thirteen (13) credit hours per semester and are required to repeat all courses, as scheduling allows, in which deficiencies have been received. 

Students on academic probation are required to participate in prescribed academic crises intervention programs and activities provided by the major department and/or UMES Student Support Services.

Students must abide by ALL regulations during the entire period of academic probation.

Unsatisfactory Performance

Total Hours AttemptedAcademic Dismissal If Cum. GPA IsAcademic Probation If Cum. GPA Is In The Range
1-241.549 or below1.550 to 1.999
25-481.699 or below1.700 to 1.999
49-731.799 or below1.800 to 1.999
74 and above1.949 or below1.950 to 1.999
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