Department of Housing and Residence Life

Summary Job Function:

Reporting to Assistant Director of Residence Life or an Area Director, the Graduate Assistant (GA) for Marketing and Operations supports the Department of Housing and Residence Life in its efforts to help providing a residential experience for undergraduate students that is unique among living options and important to student growth and success. The GA will assist in developing communities that will be catalysts for citizenship and student engagement, providing a sense of belonging that will create an unbreakable bond between students and the university.  The Graduate Assistant for Marketing and Operations is responsible for marketing and promotions of the Office of Residence Life programs, services and events.  A live-in position, the GA provides leadership for student staff in an assigned area. The GA helps educate residents on University policies and builds community in the community of oversight. By maintaining visibility and being approachable to student staff and residents, the GA helps educate residents via programmatic efforts.

Student learning/educational activities performed by the Graduate Assistant: (Please check all that apply and provide detail if needed.)

  • Advising Students
  • Program Development and Planning
  • Instruction
  • Mentoring
  • Advising student organizations
  • Responding to student conduct situations
  • Teaching or instructing courses
  • Other (Administrative, Supervision)

Learning Outcomes:


  • Utilize effective communication, planning, scheduling, and organizational skills as they relate to position responsibilities.
  • Manage time away requests from student staff to ensure that adequate coverage is always present in the area
  • Facilitate weekly staff meetings
  • Hold designated office hours daily throughout the week, totaling 20 hours of coverage
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining staff on-call and evening desk schedules as it relates to the Resident Assistant duties within the community
  • Oversee regular audits of hard keys and electronic FOB keys
  • Administer Health and Safety checks as directed by the Residential Life Leadership Team
  • Maintain accurate record of building occupancy and current vacancies at all times and report any inaccuracies to the central office/Residential Leadership Team
  • Oversight of area programming budget and office supply budgets
  • Manage all Hall Opening and Closing tasks during the beginning and end of each semester
  • Participate in recruitment and selection activities for the student, graduate, and professional staff positions as directed by the Residential Life Leadership Team.


  • Serve as Graduate Co-Advisor to housing leadership organization (RHA, HFPP).
  • Attend all general body and executive board meetings.


  • Identify the unique needs of and be an advocate for diverse groups of students.
  • Have knowledge and awareness of all residents living in the community and possible areas of concern


  • Model clear, direct, and honest communication
  • Know your audience, and how best to reach them

Community Development

  • Describe the role of housing leadership organizations and Community Councils in a residence hall setting and how to promote a positive community environment
  • Respond to any incidents or issues that arise within your area while you are present

Customer Service

  • Identify housing and university services available to students, parents, faculty, and staff.
  • Conduct regular walkthroughs of the community to engage with students and monitor facilities
  • Always provide premier customer service to students, families, and personnel according to the university ICARE model

Program Development

  • Model and teach eight dimensions of wellness
  • Manage, track, and hold staff accountable for residential curriculum expectations
  • Responsible for all Residence Education Model (REM) program tracking data, providing weekly updates to supervisors and department
  • Look at trend data from program tracking to help RAs do needs-based programming for their floor
  • Attend REM and other campus-wide programs to provide support and presence
  • Provide resources for students, staff, and organizations that support community and student development in the housing community


  • Develop facilitation and training skills for HFPP, RHA, and Community Councils. 
  • Provide resources for training and development for student leaders to perform effectively and to their highest potential.
  • Attend all Graduate Assistant and Professional staff training sessions as directed by the Residential Life Leadership Team

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of Office of Residence Life and assist in sharing this information with relevant stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with other departments to share information about Office of Residence Life programs, services and events.
  • Coordinate advertising needs with department staff for the upcoming year to determine timelines for promotional campaigns and publicity distribution.
  • Foster a supportive and challenging multi-cultural environment through the use of publicity, social media, and other efforts.
  • Create, monitor and maintain successful online marketing strategies resulting in greater traffic and interaction among students and residents on the Department of Residence Life website.
  • Create, monitor and maintain new media/social media platforms to engage students and provide a higher level of information and service.
  • Create, edit, manage and maintain departmental websites with frequent communication with housing personnel to capture information, photos and other materials for use as web content.
  • Develop videos for the website, including concept development and scriptwriting, to promote living on campus to prospective and current students.
  • Assists the ADRL with all aspects of staff orientation and training (Graduate Assistant, RA, SA), including committee prep-work, scheduling, retreat, etc. and staff development for each semester. Participate in paraprofessional staff orientation, training, and staff development. **This may require work during evenings, weekends and holidays.
  •  Consults with graduate staff, Resident Assistant, and Student Assistant staff regarding training and staff development needs.
  • Directly supervise 1-12 Resident Assistants
  • Hold one on one meetings with student staff members.
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings
  • Plan and implement staff and team development for student staff and student groups
  • Conduct RA performance appraisal process
  • Serve on departmental committees
  • Role model and enforce all university and housing policies at all times
  • Train RAs on Residential Curriculum model and expectations
  • Manage, track, and hold staff accountable for residential curriculum expectations
  • Look at trend data from program tracking to help RAs do needs-based programming for their floor
  • Serve as a student conduct hearing officer
  • Opportunity to advise Community council student organization
  • Mediate students in conflict and provide resources
  • Participate in On-call duty rotation
  • Respond to critical situations as needed as a member of the Residential Life staff
  • Maintain confidentiality

Qualifications for the position:

  • Acceptance into the University of Maryland Eastern Shore or Salisbury University Master’s degree program.  Applicants who are pursuing a Master’s in Higher Education  Leadership and Counseling Education are preferred
  • Ability to work well independently and as part of a team
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to work nights and weekends
  • Experience in Residence Life is strongly preferred
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office

Additional Information:

  • The Graduate Assistant will receive an Assistantship compensation package that includes:
  • Tuition Scholarship (up to 9 graduate credit hours)
  • Bi-Weekly stipend
  • Housing accommodations
  • The graduate assistantship is a one year position (fall and spring semester). Graduate assistants are eligible to reapply to this position

Application Process: Send cover letter and resume to  L. Hugee at

Application Submission: You must complete and submit a Student Employment Application to the Office of Human Resources by following the steps below:

    1. Select Talent Acquisition

    2. Select students

    3. Select Student Employment Website

    4. Select Student Job Board or Student Application

    5. Email the application to

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