Employee of the Month

This is the nomination form and criteria for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Employee of the Month. The Employee of the Month (EoM) will receive a one-time $75 bonus to their next paycheck, a professional photo will be taken to hang on the Employee of the Year wall (2nd floor SSC employee dining area), and a photo and short story of their contributions will be placed in the next issue of The Key newsletter and online.

In addition, if awarded EoM this employee will automatically be entered to win Employee of the Year (EoY) along with the other 11 awardees.

To be eligible: Any exempt or non-exempt employee who is not a teaching faculty member, who has also been employed in good standing for 12+ months, is eligible.

Who is an eligible employee?

An eligible employee is a union or non-union staff employee in a PIN or Contingent status, in good standing and who has been employed for a minimum of one (1) year at UMES.  Student workers and faculty are not eligible for this award.

One award may be presented monthly to an eligible employee in a PIN or Contingent status.  Employees can only be selected as Employee of the Month one time every three (3) years.

Who can nominate someone for Employee of the Month?

Any UMES colleague may nominate an eligible employee to be recognized as an Employee of the Month.

Following are the nomination categories:

  1. Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to Which Employee Belongs
    Employee may have come up with a process improvement idea or had an original idea that contributed to the success of the unit or institution as a whole. This could also be a staff employee in a non-leadership role who provides leadership.

  2. Outstanding Service to Students
    Someone who consistently makes a difference and impact in student’s lives when it is not necessarily in their job description.

  3. Extraordinary Public Service to the University or Greater Community
    This can be a person who is dedicated to a project or cause that improved the greater community or a staff employee of the university who throughout his/her career has, in a collaborative and sustained manner, made a difference in the lager community.

  4. Effectiveness and Efficiency
    To publicly recognize exemplary ideas that, when implemented, will serve to further the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s goal to continually increase the effective and efficient use of its resources. This can be in the areas of academic or administration.

  5. Inclusion, Multiculturalism, and/or Social Justice
    This award salutes the outstanding work of a UMES staff member in their ability to build, nurture, and advance inclusion, multiculturalism, and social justice practices within their community. Their community may comprise their internal institutional community, their external institutional community, or a combination of the two.

The Committee will award ONE person each month, however, if nominated and not selected, the committee will keep that nomination package in consideration for a total of six months (the month in which submitted and five more months). This will balance out heavier submission months with very qualified candidates, along with lighter submission months.

Submission package should be in the Google form and includes:

  • A copy of the Position Information Form for the nominee
  • A letter from the nominator stating why this employee is being nominated and to which category. Okay if it is more than one category. Provide examples.
  • A supporting letter from that person’s direct supervisor (assuming the nominator is not the direct supervisor.) Please state so in the initial letter if this is not available.
  • Any supporting detail (newspaper clippings, photographs, etc.) not to exceed six pages.

Please submit materials by the third Wednesday of the month for consideration in the following month.

2021 Schedule

April 21 for May 3

May 19 for June 7

June 16 for July 5 (6 for holiday)

July 21 for August 2

August 18 for September 6 (or 7 for holiday)

September 15 for October 4

October 20 for November 1

November 17 for December 6


December 15 for January 3

January 19 for February 7

February 16 for March 7

March 16 for April 4

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