Student Payroll Services

The following information serves as a guideline for student payroll services.  Questions regarding any of the outlined information may be directed to 410-651-6400.


Pay Periods

  • The University operates on a bi-weekly pay period.
  • After a timesheet is completed by the student and signed off on by the supervisor for a specified pay period, payment can be expected for that timesheet on the following (not immediate) two week pay day.

Payroll Checks

  • Payments – Students are paid bi-weekly based on the hours that they have submitted on their timesheets and signed by their supervisor.  Student paychecks will be issued based on the amount of hours that they actually work.  Students will have no “checks in the hole”, again each check is based on hours that are submitted by the student and supervisor (i.e. the first timesheet that is submitted will generate your first pay check.)  All pay periods are set within the payroll system and are not split based on the date you began working.
  • Retrieval – Payroll checks may be picked up from the Office of Human Resources or from your department if such service is available.  If you are unable to retrieve your payroll check on a given pay day, you may give written permission  to a friend or leave a self-addressed, business size, stamped envelope with the Office of Human Resources so that the check may be mailed to you.


  • All students should have an address imprinted on their payroll checks. 
  • If you do not have address imprinted on the third payroll check that you have received, come to the Human Resources Office to complete an address form.
  • Students who have changed addresses need to complete an address form in the Office of Human Resources.
  • Please note that the student database is not connected to the payroll database; therefore, if you change your address to update your student data, you will need to do the same for your payroll data.
  • The wrong address will affect whether you receive your mailed paycheck as well as your W-2 form at the end of the year.
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