Military Affiliated and Veteran Students

UMES is committed to providing quality services and programs for veterans. We recognize and appreciate your service to and sacrifice for our country, and we look forward to assisting you as you achieve your educational and career goals. We also appreciate the skills and life experiences that you will bring to our campus community, and we encourage you to get involved in programs, activities, and clubs that will enrich and broaden your college experience.

UMES is fully accredited for accepting Veteran students and assisting you in your needs for education certification.  Credit is given for military experiences relative to your field of study.

Veterans Apply for Free!

As a veteran, you are eligible for a fee waiver code: UMES Vets.

Using VA Benefits: 

Apply for benefits at to receive a Certificate of Eligibility form.

Complete the Veterans Education Benefits Request form.  This form should be completed every semester the student chooses to use their veteran benefit.

The Certificate of Eligibility must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment when the military affiliated student registers for coursework.  Benefits to which the student is entitled will be sent monthly by the VA directly to the student after being properly certified by UMES.  Each military affiliated student is responsible for the payment of all fees and expenses at the same time as all regular students.  The Office of Admissions coordinates veteran services and veterans are advised to contact this office for further information on admissions, tutorials, and special programs.

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Military Credit Policy

It is possible to earn credit for your military training and education.  Details on UMES’ policy of awarding credit please see the Office of the Registrar.

Please feel free to download the following important documents:

For all questions and concerns, please contact:

Denitta Gladding, Admissions Specialist 
Telephone:  (410) 651-6416

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