Inclement Weather Policies

Determination of the operational status of the campus is the responsibility of the President or his/her designee. During inclement or impending poor weather conditions, such determination will be made in consultation with state and county roads departments, state police on the condition of roadways and with the National Weather Service on the forecasts for the local weather. The Office of the President will announce the appropriate operational policy status in accordance with the provisions of this policy. Depending on the severity of prevailing or impending road conditions, the University will observe a state of (1) full operation, (2) minimum manning, or (3) closed.

(1) Full Operation indicates no change in operational status, viz., business as usual. This designation will not involve a special announcement to the UMES community.

(2) Minimum Manning will denote the maintenance of a “skeletal crew” for the continued operation of individual office functions. Supervisors may release other personnel as appropriate. Personnel so released should be granted annual and/or personal leave as appropriate.

The instructional schedule will continue to be observed under “minimum manning.” Faculty who are unable to meet classes because of prevailing or impending weather conditions should advise the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs prior to the scheduled time of the class(es). In the event commuting students miss class(es) because of prevailing or impending weather condition, they are not to be penalized pursuant to the University Attendance Policy.

(3) Closed. When it is determined that the University is to be closed, personnel should be released in all areas except security, infirmary, physical plant, residence halls, student union, and telecommunications, as necessary. The aforementioned areas will require skeletal crews for the maintenance of vital services. Non-exempt and exempt personnel released due to the closing of the University will be given paid Administrative Leave.

Requests for leave in the absence of an official announcement of minimum manning or university closing may be granted at the discretion of supervisors. Such leave should be recorded as follows:

a. Non-exempt – annual leave or personal leave;
b. Exempt – annual leave or personal leave, as appropriate.

These leave requests should not be recorded as administrative paid leave. Employees who are on previously approved leave or in continuing sick leave status are not eligible for this Administrative Leave.

In addition to announcement on our own radio station, WESM-FM (91.3), announcements will be made via other local radio and television stations.

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