Center for Access and Academic Success (CAAS)

Tutor Job Description

A tutor is a peer that has mastered the content of a subject and provides academic assistance. Tutoring appointments are walk-in or virtual and can be scheduled through Starfish. The informal tutoring sessions encourage students to bring their textbooks, review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for examinations.

Primary Responsibilities

Tutors are responsible for facilitating peer tutoring sessions for their assigned courses. Their primary responsibilities are:

  • Attend campus visits to promote the tutoring center and inform students of the courses they tutor and work hours.
  • Attend and participate in meetings as scheduled.
  • Attend mandatory workshops for professional development.
  • Record and maintain session data and other paperwork adhering to deadlines
  • Conduct themselves professionally at all times.
  • Tutors are responsible for the future success of the program.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Be enrolled as a sophomore with 28 or more completed credit hours at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
  • An overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above is required.
  • Received a B or better grade in the tutored course selected, and the course taken at the University is preferred.
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills (evaluated by Tutor Coordinator).
  • Willingness to learn new skills and available to work an average of 10 hours per week.
  • Be a model student who understands the importance and application of effective study skills and strategies with good organizational and time management skills. 
  • Possess the ability to tutor small group sessions. (If necessary).

Hourly Rate: $13.50 per hour. Approximately 10 hours per week.

Application Process and Deadline: 

For your application to be processed and considered, you MUST fill out an application at Click Talent Acquisition; click Students; click Workship Application. The application may be emailed to

You will also need to complete the CAAS Application. In this document you will need to upload or submit a letter of recommendation from a professor in the tutored subject matter you’re applying, a resume, and an unofficial transcript. All pertinent documents should be received by August 11, 2023.

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