Center for Access and Academic Success (CAAS)

Hawk Mentor Position Description

The peer mentor position offers exceptional students the opportunity to be both leaders on campus
and mentors to new students participating in the first-year experience programs. Mentors are
committed to helping their peers adjust to life at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore
(UMES). Mentors lead workshops and forums, organize study groups, plan activities with their
cohorts, and participate in campus events. Mentors play a vital role in the day-to-day operations
of CAAS.

Primary Responsibilities
• Attend and facilitate the first-year experience classes
• Serve as an energetic and enthusiastic volunteer to help first-year students succeed
• Develop and maintain relationships and provide assistance/support for first-year students
(focus on a smooth transition, acclimation and a sense of belonging)
• Participate in training and professional development activities
• Attend weekly meetings with the Assistant Director of CAAS
• Serve as a positive role model
• Assist students and the operations within CAAS
• Help students become familiar with university resources; advise and refer residents to
appropriate university resources, as the need arises.
• Collect data from all mentee outreach (e.g., emails, texts, meetings, referrals, social
media hits)

Minimum Qualifications
• Be a rising sophomore, junior or senior with a minimum 3.0 cum GPA
• Be a full-time student in good academic and social standing
• Be willing to learn and share information about the UMES community, student life, and
campus resources
• Demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills
• Have a genuine desire to help their peers succeed
• Demonstrate leadership potential
• Be self-motivated with a positive attitude
• Display a willingness to learn about different cultures

Peer mentors have the opportunity to:
• Build close relationships with new students
• Develop leadership skills
• Guide new students through their first-year

Hourly Rate: $13.50 per hour; 10 hours per week

Application Process and Deadline:

For your application to be processed and considered, you MUST fill out an application at click Talent Application; click Students; click Student Workship Application. The application may be emailed to

You will also need to complete the CAAS Application. In this document you will need to upload or submit a letter of recommendation from a professor in your major or staff member, a resume, and an unofficial transcript. All pertinent documents should be received by August 11, 2023.

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