What is Perusall?

Perusall, a collaborative annotation and reading tool, is now integrated with Canvas.

With Perusall, an online social annotation platform, you can increase student engagement, collaboration, and community within your course. Plus, Perusall works with your favorite course content including books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts, and images.

Where is it located?

Perusall is integrated within Canvas as an LTI tool. It is available in every course in Canvas.

In order to see Perusall in your course Navigation in Canvas, you will need to “Enable” the link in your Course “Setttings” then click on the “Navigation” tab at the top of the screen.

When is training?

Perusall is offering a training series in August and September. Learn more about the trainings being offered and register for your training here.

Perusall Instructor Support

Need to know how to do something in Perusall? You will find many Instructor support documents with instructions for Canvas at the Perusall Instructor Support Website.


Scanned PDF documents used with Perusall must be put through OCR before they are used in Perusall. The OCR process makes using the text selection tool in Perusall work as it should.  If the document is a scanned PDF, basically an image or picture of the document, the text selection tool will not work. If you need assistance determining if your PDFs are scans or OCR, or with converting PDFs to OCR, please complete a Help Desk ticket with the details of the situation.

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